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Elegant Craftsmanship

The Virtuo collection introduces a range of automatic watches for men with 41mm case. The Swiss Made design displays the mechanical movement and different dials, straps and robust sapphire crystals

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Elegant Craftsmanship

Virtuo is our new collection of automatic 41mm watches for men. These high-quality Swiss Made mechanical watches are the perfect timepiece if you are fascinated with the technical aspects of watchmaking. The wonder of engineering meets art on a miniature scale. You can take a closer look at the inner workings of the watch thanks to the mechanical movement on display at the back of the watch. Robust and built for everyday wear, Virtuo watches are showerproof and have a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to help maintain their immaculate appearance. The collection also includes metallized bezels in different colors. The crown is carefully styled with eye-catching facets and laser-engraved logo. The overall look of a Virtuo watch celebrates the craftsmanship of mechanical watches with automatic winding. The collection also highlights the confidence and quality of Jowissa design where edges and flat surfaces on lugs complement the curves of the watch dial and crown. Each watch is hand-assembled and is great value for money. We know this gent’s watch will look great on your wrist