Swiss Made Quality Watches Since 1951


Jowissa History


Since its establishment in 1951, the Jowissa brand has produced multifaceted Swiss watches of exceptional quality. As an independent family business currently in its third generation, the brand has remained true to its ideals, first defined in the tranquil surroundings of Bettlach, in the canton of Solothurn. Here, great craftsmanship and cutting-edge production come together to create refined timepieces that combine style and sophistication. As a high-quality “Swiss Made” watch brand, Jowissa offers outstanding value for money in addition to the refined sense of style.

The Jowissa brand was founded in 1951 in the Swiss town of Bettlach, in a region that has traditionally been renowned for the art of watchmaking. The brand name is derived from the name of the founder, Josef Wyss, whose vision for a new Swiss watch that is both fashionable and a treasured piece of jewellery came at just the right time. The wristwatch became the new accessory of choice in the 1950s, and with the launch of a sophisticated, fashionable, yet affordable watch collection, Jowissa immediately captured the spirit of the age.

Over the following decades, the brand established a name for itself due to the creativity of the designs. In the 1960s, pendant watches with cut glass became fashionable and Jowissa led the way with this beautiful technique. Similar to cutting a gemstone, glass cutting creates fine facets to reflect the light, and still today, Jowissa is one of the few manufacturers of Swiss watches to offer timepieces incorporating glass cutting. This technique, combined with outstanding value for money, has enabled the brand to establish a fine reputation in the market.

As a watch manufacturer, Jowissa continues to adapt to new technologies and trends successfully. As early as the 1970s, the collection was enhanced by the in-house production of ceramic cases and in the 1980s Jowissa was able to adopt and implement newly-developed quartz technology to great effect. With Woodtime and Stonetime, the 1990s saw the introduction of timepieces in innovative cases created out of wood and stone.

This traditional family business has kept abreast of fashion and technology, offering an online shop and an array of products with a high recognition value, combining elegant materials with fashionable colours. The brand is currently represented in 30 countries with over 400 sales outlets. Today, as it did 70 years ago, Jowissa still represents the art of exceptional Swiss watchmaking.