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Watch Design With Green Goals

Time is precious. So is our planet. Jowissa celebrates the importance of time by creating beautiful watches. We also prioritize time to address climate change and sustainability. Our team is committed to exploring green initiatives and more sustainable ways of sharing our watches with you. We continue to question what we can do to help the planet and make a difference. This climate action includes compensating our carbon emissions and supporting conservation projects.

Free Green Shipping

Our shipping is free because we don’t want our customers to pay extra. We also believe it is important to offset the climate impact of shipping Jowissa watches to our customers around the world. This is why “green” shipping is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. We calculate the cost to neutralize our shipping emissions, then we put this money towards protecting our forests. Our contributions are currently funding the Jari Pará REDD+ Avoid Unplanned Deforestation project in the Amazon Rainforest, a Verified Carbon Standard project certified by Pachama.

We Plant Trees When You Shop

Our beautiful planet benefits greatly from the trees and forests absorbing carbon dioxide and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, for each 18 EUR / 20 USD you spend at, we will plant one tree. This green initiative is funded entirely by us, at no extra cost to you. We fund the planting of trees through the reforestation projects of Offset Earth. Enjoy feel-good shopping with Jowissa, knowing that your purchase is helping to make the world a greener place.