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Jowissa and the Story of Diamond Cuts

The design DNA of Jowissa celebrates the distinctive shape and sparkle of different diamond cuts. Our four Facet collections each have a unique signature look that highlights the fire and brilliance of a precious stone. Each watch glass has been expertly cut and polished to catch the light.

Princess Cut Diamond

The Eternal Beauty of Facet Princess

Distinctive and different, the Princess Cut diamond is a square or a slightly rectangular shape. It is a favorite with jewelry lovers whose signature style is a bold and confident look. Multiple facets create a brilliant display of sparkle. Our Facet Princess takes its name from the dramatic square-shaped Princess cut diamond. The square case with carefully cut facets bring flashes of light to the wrist. Dials in different colors are uniquely finished with diamond-bright stones as hour markers to enhance the look of this classic jewelry watch.



Facet Princess

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The Outstanding Sparkle of Facet Brilliant and Facet Strass

The Round Brilliant cut diamond is a celebration of fire, brilliance and beauty. It is the most popular diamond cut because of its simple elegance and captivating sparkle. It is typically defined by 57 facets that shape the upper and lower part of the stone. Our new Facet Brilliant watches are inspired by this Round Brilliant cut. Each watch face creates extraordinary sparkle whenever the light hits the faceted glass.
The outstanding beauty of the Round Brilliant cut diamond also brings strong design influences to the Facet Strass collection. Facet Strass shares visual similarities to the underside of a brilliant cut diamond. Vibrant colors are included in this collection and glittering hour markers also enhance the captivating beauty of a Facet Strass watch.



Facet Brilliant & Facet Strass

Radiant Cut Diamond

The Vintage Glamor of Facet Radiant

You will instantly recognize a Radiant cut diamond. It has a distinctive elongated square shape with trimmed corners. The overall effect is strong lines with bevelled edges to create a vintage, glamorous finish. The many facets disperse light through the stone to create the maximum amount of sparkle. This particular diamond cut inspires the look of our new Facet Radiant watch. The faceted glass in bright jewel colors creates a bold contrast with the round
dial encircled with polished gold-tone metal. For jewelry lovers searching for a watch with a difference, the Facet Radiant is a must-buy.



Facet Radiant