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The NEW Facet Brilliant Collection - Captivating, Vibrant and Stunning

The Facet Brilliant is a captivating collection of fashion watches for women. Intricate details and design elements are inspired by the eternal beauty of the round brilliant cut diamond. These ladies’ watches are a celebration of vibrant colour and sparkle. The round 30mm case holds the expertly cut crystal that catches the light with each movement of your wrist. Stunning dials take centre stage in shades of Champagne, dark Blue, rich Purple, classic Green, and elegant Rose Gold. Rhinestones as hour markers are a glamorous addition to each dial.

Whether you love a luxurious high-gloss leather watch or a jewellery-inspired bracelet watch, this stunning collection delivers the best of both designs to suit your individual style. Hand-assembled in Switzerland at a very affordable price, Facet Brilliant celebrates the style of designer watches for everyday wear. If you appreciate good value, great quality and striking design, the Facet Brilliant collection is made for you.