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Instantly recognisable, the Swiss moonphase watch looks the part on the wrist. Introducing the moon to watch design turns a reliable timepiece into a work of art. There is more to it, of course, than simply artful design. The moonphase dial is a functional feature of a watch that allows you the track current phase of the moon as it appears in the sky.

Our fascination with the moon has spanned centuries, ever since men and women looked to the sun, moon and stars to gauge a sense of time. Fast forward to modern times and we are still captivated by the presence of a bright moon in the night sky, hence the enduring popularity of the Swiss moonphase watch.

If you want to track the lunar cycle while keeping an eye on the time, take a look at Magno Swiss moonphase watches by Jowissa. These watches for men are decorated with a distinctive moonphase dial where the bright gold moon and stars stand out against a vivid blue backdrop on the dial. The overall effect is bold and striking while also acknowledging the visual passing of time as the moon orbits the Earth.

If you love bold and decorative design, Magno watches also offer colour variations to enhance the overall creative appeal. Smart black watches with Italian leather straps are given a pop of colour with the moonphase display. Ocean blue dials are also refreshed with the moon and stars in gold detail. Check out the silver and golden caramel dials too for something different.

Overall, if you love when artful design and the craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking combine forces to create a high-end watch with visual appeal, a Swiss moonphase watch is the one for you.